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We regard client records as confidential. As such, they will not be shared with any third parties, other than to our manufacturers or supplies or if they are ever required to be released by law.

Clients maintain the right to request copies of their records as long as we are allowed adequate time to fulfil such request. We ask all clients to keep copies of any documents or literature that we send in relation to our products or services. As needed, we will provide clients with written materials, handouts or record copies as part on a previously agreed upon contract that is for the good of both parties.

We will never share, sell or otherwise release personal data to any third party. We will also not use your email address for unsolicited purposes. All emails sent by this site will only be related to the agreed upon products or services.


Any information on this site is given on an “as is” basis. As permitted by law, this company:

  • excludes all warranties and representations that relate to this website and its content or that which may be provided by third parties or affiliates, including any errors or inaccuracies on this website or our literature

  • excludes liability for any damages that may arise from your connection with this site. These damages include, without any limitations, the loss of business, direct loss or profits (regardless of whether or not such loss was foreseeable, occurred in the normal course of business or if you have alerted this site to the possibility of such loss), damage inflicted on your computer, software, programs and systems as well as damage to the data included in it or any other consequential, direct or indirect damage.

We do not, however, exclude liability for personal injury or death caused by negligence. The aforementioned limitations and exclusions are set forth only as permitted by law. Absolutely none of your consumer rights are affected.



ACH and all mainstream credit and debit cards are considered acceptable methods of payment. Our terms regarding payment are as follows:

  • Payments is due in full within 30 days

  • All products remain the company's property until paid in full

  • Outstanding balances that surpass the due date may incur a late payment fee.

  • We maintain the right to recover unpaid balances that remain unpaid 60 days from the date of the invoice via a collection agency or Small Claims Court, as long as the balance does not exceed $3,000. In this case, you will be held responsible for any administrative or court costs.


In the event you wish to cancel an order, 24-hour notice is required. Notification via email, phone, fax, in-person or any other methods will be accepted upon confirmation in writing. We maintain the right to issue a $30 charge to cover administrative expenses.


Both our company and the consumer maintain the right to terminate any service agreement, including those services that may already be underway. However, no refunds will be given when a service has already begun and is currently underway.